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1. Organisational purpose


The National Board is clear about the Party’s aims and ensures that these are being delivered effectively and sustainably.


The Party exist to fulfill our roles. The National Board has a responsibility to understand the environment in which the Party is operating and to lead the Party in fulfilling its purposes as effectively as possible with the resources available. To do otherwise would be failing party members, fundraisers and supporters.

The National Board’s core role is a focus on strategy, performance and assurance.

Key outcomes

  1. The National Board has a shared understanding of and commitment to the Party’s purposes and can articulate these clearly.

  2. The National Board can demonstrate that the Party is effective in achieving its aims and agreed outcomes.

Recommended practice

  1. Determining organisational purpose

    1. The National Board periodically reviews the Party’s purposes, and the external environment in which it works, to make sure that the Party, and its aims, stay relevant and valid.

    2. The National Board leads the development of, and agrees, a strategy that aims to achieve the organisation’s aims and is clear about the desired outputs, outcomes and impacts.

  2. Achieving the purpose

    1. All trustees can explain the Party’s public benefit.

    2. The National Board evaluates the Party’s impact by measuring and assessing results, outputs and outcomes.

  3. Analysing the external environment and planning for sustainability

    1. The National Board regularly reviews the sustainability of its income sources and business models and their impact on achieving its aims in the short, medium and longer term.

    2. The National Board consider the benefits and risks of partnership working or merger (in the extreme case) if other parties are fulfilling similar aims and goals more effectively and/or if the Party’s viability is uncertain.

    3. The National Board recognises its broader responsibilities towards communities, stakeholders, wider society and the environment, and acts on them in a manner consistent with the Party’s purposes, values and available resources.

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