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Terms and Conditions

The site is designed for Good Governance Party members and supporters to communicate with each other, to discuss policy and ideas, and to organise campaigns and events in their area and nationally. Whilst open discussion and debate is encouraged please follow the guidelines of use below.


The site is not intended as a mechanism for detailed replies to specific or individual cases, from the Good Governance Party or its representatives. These are best with dealt via private correspondence; or in the case of Good Governance Party representatives via their own specified contact procedures, where available. The site is also intended to be a platform for Members and supporters, and as such is not a platform for those who do not share the Good Governance Party's values.


Campaign communications with supporters will be delivered via the mechanisms provided on the platform. This media may change depending on changes to the platform over time.


These terms are posted here by The Good Governance Party ("the Party", "we", "our" or "us"). We are the owner of the site You, the user ("user", "users", "you" or "your"), including those who are Members, are subject to the terms and principles as outlined below. Please take a moment to read them. Creating an account and using of the site constitutes acceptance of these terms in full.


Content on the site provided by the Party is correct at the time of posting, and best efforts will be made to keep it up to date. The Party will also endeavour to ensure that the site is available to users 24 hours a day; however no liability will be taken if for any reason the site in not available at any time or period.


By accessing these sites, the user agrees to abide by the terms and principles outlined, and also agree that infringement of these will result in suspension or removal of their account.


This document may be revised at any time by updating these terms and re-posting them here. We would recommend that you regularly check this document for any amendments, as once posted onto the site you will be expected to comply with them.


There may be from time to time, more specific terms that outline internal Party procedures, reflect changes in The Good Governance Party Rule Book or the equivalent, or for another reason require an amendment of the terms. If these more specific terms are posted on the site, they will take precedence.


This site may require registration in order to access certain contents. Members' areas will only be accessible to current members who meet the criteria as in the Party Rule Book or equivalent. By accessing this site you are agreeing to provide accurate contact information and it is incumbent upon members to endeavour to keep their contact details updated via the mechanisms provided.


The use of discussions, blogs and all other comments in on the site is welcomed, as a mechanism for exchanging views and debate. Similarly, campaign actions, content, and communications are an integral part of campaign engine room. However, users accept responsibility for their content, and also must acknowledge that this will not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Good Governance Party.


Whilst we shall endeavour to monitor this content, it is not always possible to review all content generated, at all times. Users are asked to flag up any content that may be deemed to infringe upon any terms, or is believed to be requiring the attention of the administrators via the mechanisms provided. The Good Governance Party does not take responsibility for user generated content, and cannot confirm the validity of information not originally posted by the Party.


Users are asked to maintain a civil tone in their content across the site and also asked to read the enumerated terms as laid out below.


1) Party Members are reminded that The Good Governance Party Rule Book is applicable to their content within the site.


2) You will not use the messaging or posting facilities to spam users or groups of users.


3) You will not attempt to 'harvest', or otherwise systematically collect users' account information.


4) If you do legitimately collect information from users for your organisation or campaign:


a) Within this site you will:


i) obtain their consent

ii) make it clear you (and not the Good Governance Party) are the one collecting their information in that given instance,

iii) post a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it.


b) The Good Governance Party will take no responsibility for you, or your groups, data protection policy but reminds you that you should refer to the Data Protection Act if collecting peoples' personal data.


5) You will not ask for other users' login information or attempt to log into an account belonging to another user.


6) You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user.


7) Content within the site, including that generated by users, must reflect the core values of the Good Governance Party.


8) You will not post content that is racist, hateful, threatening, demeaning to other users or that contains nudity or violence.


9) You will not use the site to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.


10) You will not attempt to create an account for anyone other than yourself, or your organisation.


11) You will not provide any false personal information in order to create multiple user accounts.


12) You will not post content or take any action that violates any Ghanaian laws via this site.


13) As well as site administrators, users who set up discussions or blogs within the site are asked to help with moderation by notifying site administrators of items that infringe upon these guidelines.


14) Any user generated content on this site that is deemed as infringing upon these guidelines shall be removed.


15) Users who are deemed to be infringing these guidelines will have their account suspended, or deleted.


16) Users take sole responsibility for their content and actions.


17) In the instance of images, and video footage, by uploading such material you are confirming that you have the right to use this media, or otherwise distribute it, including permission from, or for, all persons depicted in such media; that the content is your original work and you have the right to post it; and that where you may grant the use of media that the Good Governance Party may use the image for communication and campaigning purposes.


18) Users shall not purposefully disseminate sensitive information (including links, contact details, campaigns content, or documentation) found within this site to the detriment of the Party.


19) You will use any online tools provided via your account responsibly.

Third Party Organisations

The Good Governance Party will not pass on any User Information to any Third Parties. However, Third Party organisations may set up pages or campaigns and contact users via this route. Users who provide information via group pages, event pages and in messaging to Third Party Organisations do so at their own discretion.



The Good Governance Party site contains links to outside sites, for which The Good Governance Party have no responsibility. Users should be aware that they should consult the terms and conditions of these sites.

The site integrates into Facebook. Users are directed to Facebook's own privacy policy for details of how they manage such data.

The site also integrates into Twitter. Please note that information from Twitter, in particular followers and recent tweets are imported to be displayed in a users profile within Good Governance as part of this function. Users are directed to Twitter's own privacy policy for details of how they manage such data.

The sites may also host, or integrate, into a range of Third Party sites, such as Flickr and YouTube and other social networks, Users are similarly directed to the respective sites for privacy and fair usage policies.


Privacy Policy



Ensuring every user's privacy is a priority. We have designed this site so you can be as private, or as open as you feel like being, this will be reflected in instances of your user data from this site.

The best way to get familiar with the system is to use it, but please take a moment to read the privacy policy to help you make sure that your privacy is respected.

This policy is to help you make informed decisions about the level of information that you want to share with other users on this site.

All Good Governance Party site users have access to a profile page which contains certain personal data like your name, email address, telephone number etc.

When you create an account as a non Member user you will be asked to provide certain personal data like your email address. Your email address will be used to verify your account.


Changing information

You can access and alter your information via the profile page. This is available at any time you log into your account, and the details are amended immediately. Some of these details, like your Membership Number, cannot be altered by the user.


User Actions

As well as user details, other user interactions can be performed within this site by other users.



Whilst browsing these sites you will receive a cookie to your machine, this is a small amount of data which allows the site to remember your preferences, and the pages you use. You can set your devices' browsers to accept, reject, or ask you to confirm receipt of these cookies.

We will retain cookies in order to provide you a more personalised service, and in order to ensure more effective delivery of pages. If you do not wish to receive these, please refer to your own browsers help menu in order to find out more.

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