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Who We Are

We are the Good Governance Party (GGP), a social democratic political party conceived with the aim of providing Ghana with good governance and to keep Ghana open, progressive, tolerant, united and corruption free. We aim to give all our children a brighter future in a fairer Ghana where everyone is decent to each other and a strong competitive economy.

Building a Representative and Inclusive Party
The Good Governance Party (GGP) is committed to increasing the representation of minorities like women, the youth and under-represented groups in our party and at every level of politics in Ghana. We’ll tackle the under-representation of women in Parliament and in administrative and management positions, including changing the law to allow political parties to use All-Women Shortlists to select parliamentary candidates and local councillors. We recognise that there is more to do until leadership in our society accurately reflects the society it serves, and we’ll continue to work with other parties and government to ensure that we are doing everything we can to play our part.

Our Pledge
We the members of the GGP, pledge ourselves to build a strong United Party, to create a vibrant, just and equal society, through achieving excellence by all, so that every citizen, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, language, sex or religion, can enjoy a full, fulfilled and happy life.

Our Beliefs

We believe in one Ghana, one Nation, an ideal for which our fore fathers sacrificed their lives for, and for which many others shed their blood, tears and sweat, to water our freedom.
We are indeed for the policy of inclusiveness, as it is opposite to individualistic approaches, when it comes to party national issues.


We believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment and bridges are better than walls.


It’s a simple but powerful idea: United we stand, divided we fall. We are stronger together.


We’re committed to building the party from the ground up, in every single ward and constituency right across the country.


We’ll fight against corruption, for progress in society and in government we’ll lead by example.


Our core beliefs tie us together - that we’ll only succeed when every citizen is treated fairly, every citizen plays their fair bit and every citizen plays by the same set of rules.


As a national party, our membership and support will span the length and breadth of Ghana with offices and local branches in all constituencies up and down the country.


We were formed by progressive and anti-corrupt Ghanaians with the primary aim of fighting corruption and providing good governance


Our Core Values
The Party's core values should and will remain constant. The GGP reaffirms the founding ideals that enables us to successfully govern and transform our beloved Ghana into a modern civilized society.

Honesty: The Party must remain clean, incorruptible, above board and transparent, and lead with integrity.

Multi-racial: A Ghana that belongs equally to all its citizens, where every individual, regardless of age, ethnicity, language, sex or religion is assured of justice and fairness.

Meritocracy: A system that provides its citizens with equal opportunities to progress and for a person's contributions to be recognised and appreciated on the basis of merit.

Self-reliancy: No one owes us a living. We will avoid creating a dependency syndrome where we expect handouts from foreign governments.

Our Mission
Our mission is to build a fair and just society where the benefits of progress will be enjoyed by all its citizens and to provide good governance and lead by example.


Principles Important to the GGP


We believe that our:

• Country is exceptionally rich in natural resources (Agriculture, Minerals, Energy and the Environment)

• Constitutions and laws should be honoured, valued and upheld

• Leaders should serve the people, not themselves and special interest groups

• Families and communities should help themselves first before the government comes in

• Government should take care of Health, Education and Security of the people in smarter and more efficient ways

• Public Resources should not be wasted on poorly run government programs

• Security Services must be strong and be prepared to defend our citizens and the nation

• Culture should respect and protect life

• Education should be a right, not a privilege

• Old and vulnerable in the society should be looked after

• Social programs should help lift people out of poverty

• Ghana should be self sufficient in most things


The principles above serves as an invitation and a roadmap to where we want to get to. It invites every decent and hard working Ghanaian to join us and shows the path to a stronger, safer, and more prosperous Ghana.



What the GGP stands for:

Party of Good Governance

Party of Anti-Corruption

Party of Freedom

Party of Prosperity

Party of Vision

Party of Strength

Party of the Future


Read Our constitution

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