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Our Values

The Good Governance Party is the only party fighting to keep Ghana open, tolerant, united, corruption-free and most importantly prosperous.

• Good governance

• Freedom

• Social justice

• Openness

• Strong community and strong values

• Tolerant

• Opportunity

• Hard work and reward
• Rights matched by responsibilities


Good governance means accountability and transparency led by exemplary leadership; compliance with relevant legislation and regulation; elimination of corruption.

Freedom means everyone is allowed to responsibly act, speak or think freely.  


Social justice means equal distribution of the country’s wealth, resources and opportunities for all Ghanaians irrespective of their backgrounds.


Openness means openhearted, open-minded, forward-looking, modern, green and internationalist. We believe Ghana is at its best when it is creative, innovative and outward-looking, comfortable in the fast-changing modern world and open to the opportunities and challenges of globalisation and the digital revolution.


Strong community and strong values means we will always put the interests of the whole Ghana first. We reject the divisions in society (racism, tribalism) whether between young and old, urban and rural, or along religious lines or sects or between regions. We believe we are stronger – as communities, as a country and as a world – when we work together in our common interest.

Tolerant means diverse, compassionate and generous. We will always fight injustice and stand up for the underdog, the outsider, the individual, the minority and the vulnerable against the powerful.

Opportunity means that everyone, no matter what your background, should have the same chance in life. We’ll fight injustice, fight for freedom, reduce inequality and break down the barriers that hold people back, whether it is in schools, the workplace or anywhere people are denied an opportunity.


Hard work and reward means strong character building, success and new opportunities


Rights matched by responsibilities means we’ll protect the freedoms of all citizens and in return expect all citizens to honour their duties as citizens.


That starts with a strong and stable economy, fit for the long-term, without which we can’t have a good health system, good schools and decent public services, and without these creating opportunity is impossible. We are the only party that combines economic competence with a plan for strong public services and an optimistic vision for a Ghana that is open, tolerant, united, corruption-free and most importantly prosperous.

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