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Our History

United by desire to completely eliminate corruption from the Ghanaian society and to institute Good Governance at every level , and to ensure social justice and prosperity for all Ghanaians, not just for the privileged few, a group of like minded Ghanaians took up the challenge and with these in mind the Good Governance Party (GGP) was conceived in August 2017.


The name "Good Governance Party (GGP)" was chosen because of the massive issue of corruption and bad governance we’ve in Ghana and to convey our commitment as a political party to address them in addition to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.


The Good Governance Party (GGP), is a social democratic political party, conceived by progressive, forward thinking, honest and hardworking Ghanaians who for years had seen their beloved country not prospering as a result of bad governance and rampant corruption and wanted to stop the rot and make a positive contribution to promote economic prosperity for all and not just the few corrupt privileged.

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