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A Healthier Ghana

Our National Health Service (NHS) is a very cherished public service but very poorly funded and there we say ran. The GGP will never waiver in our belief that the health of the citizens is paramount to the well being of the country and will fully resource the NHS. We will never stop trying to make Ghana’s NHS healthier and better managed. That is why we will pump more resources into it to make it better and fit for purpose.

Our vision is of a healthier Ghana. We’ll put our most priced resource, Ghanaians, first by looking after their health needs. There will be no Ghana without our people – a vision which puts people first. Through preventative healthcare and care in the community, we can deliver a healthcare system which meets the needs of our people in a caring and effective manner.

The GGP believes the NHS should remain a publicly funded, publicly-delivered service. The staff who work in our hospitals, communities and health centres do an amazing job and we’ll also look after them. They deserve our unreserved praise for the fantastic results they have produced over the years even without being properly resourced and paid.


The GGP will meet its commitment to protect the NHS budget. We will ensure that the NHS revenue budget is adequately resourced and ring fenced and rises with inflation.

We know that good quality healthcare is the cornerstone to a decent and prosperous society and we will always strive to provide this for Ghana.

We also pledge to look after the vulnerable in society.

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