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  • How can I find out my membership number?
    Your membership number can be found on the front of your membership card or on any membership-related correspondence you receive by post. If you don’t have these to hand, just contact us and we’ll be able to tell you what your membership number is.
  • Where could my membership take me?
    As a member, you’ll be a key part of the team. You can help shape party policy, you can attend local meetings and you can even stand as a candidate. So whether you want to chip in to help us reach our goals because you share our values, or because you have ambitions to serve your community and country, the only place to start is through joining the Good Governance Party (GGP) as a member. Was that everything you wanted to know? Click here to join now.
  • Are Trade Union members allowed to be members?
    Yes they are. If you would like us to make a note of your trade union on your membership record you can contact us with your membership number and the trade union that you are a member of and we'll get this updated for you.
  • I’d like to be a GGP councillor or an MP – how do I do that?
    It’s great that you are interested in standing as a GGP representative! To start, you need to be a member of the party for at least one year in order to become a candidate. If you haven’t already, join the party today. Then contact us.
  • How do I get a new membership card?
    If you’ve lost your membership card, just contact us with your membership and we can arrange for a new one to be sent out to you.
  • If I need to change any of my details (e.g. email address, home address, membership rate etc.), how do I do that? "
    If you need to update any of your personal information, please email your new details along with your membership number just contact us.
  • How much is it and where does my money go?
    We’ve got a wide range of rates. Our standard rate starts at $100 a year and you can choose to pay more if you wish, as many of our members do. Unlike the other parties, we don’t rely on a small number of super-wealthy donors. We rely on funds from our dedicated and loyal members and your membership fee would provide a vital boost to our campaigning efforts. Without this money, we simply wouldn’t be able to run the Good Governance Party (GGP). Ready to join us? Click here to get started.
  • I’m confused - am I a member or a donor or registered supporter?
    If you’re unsure about what your current status with the GGP is, please contact us and our staff will be able to have a look into your records to help clarify things for you.
  • How can I contact an MP?
    Our MPs would be more than happy to hear from you and you can get in touch with any of them by looking them up online.
  • Why should I join?
    The Good Governance Party (GGP) is built on equality, social justice and compassion. All members share those values, and if you do too, then why not join today? Members keep our movement strong and every single one of them is vital in ensuring we can build a bigger campaign that will succeed in the next election and continue to hold this Tory government to account in the meantime. Got the answer you were looking for? Click here to join now. ​
  • Once I’ve joined — what’s the next step?
    We’ll send you a membership number via email or SMS shortly after you sign up, and you’ll be able to call yourself a card-carrying member of the Good Governance Party (GGP)! We’ll also help you get further involved with the party by sending you information about local campaigning events, campaign training sessions, and opportunities to share your ideas about our party’s policies. Click here to join now ​ If you’ve got more questions, you can contact us. ​ The GGP relies on the support of our members, so we’d love to welcome you on the team today.
  • Are we an equal opportunity party?
    The GGP is an equal opportunities party and is opposed to any form of less favourable treatment or financial reward through direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation of peoples on the grounds of age, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
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