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A Greener Ghana

Ghana has a wealth of natural resources which we will harness and use responsibly for the good of the country. By continuing to set ourselves ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions we will protect our environment for future generations. We will encourage communities to be involved in the land they live in and to protect, use and manage them properly for the next generations. We’ll also support community ownership.

We are also proud of Ghana’s wildlife and would like to do more to protect them. Currently we have no systems in place to track and protect them. We plan to form partnerships with Private and International organisations and foreign countries worldwide to help us manage our wildlife better (efficient and effective). By acting locally we can help show the way globally.


We aim to make Ghana a wildlife tourist destination.


We will continue to invest in domestic energy efficiency, to help reduce bills as well as carbon emissions, and we will designate energy efficiency as a National Infrastructure Priority.


We are also taking forward plans for land reform to make sure we get the most from our land (rural and urban) and its resources, now and for future generations. We want communities to have a say in how land in their area is used and managed, and to tackle the causes and consequences of inequality and poor land management.  

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