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Creating a Wealthier and Prosperous Ghana

The GGP are committed to creating a wealthier, more prosperous and successful Ghana. We want Ghana to flourish, with opportunities for all as part of a fairer economy. We promise to build strong foundations for Ghana’s economy – but there’s much more we want to do. We can deliver more and better paid jobs, share the fruits of success amongst all our citizens more equally, and create stronger, more sustainable growth.


Our vision is of a Ghana with a competitive, fairer and a more sustainable economy. The GGP would like Ghana to be the most competitive place to do business and to invest in Africa.


We'll encourage Ghanaian businesses to grow and expand, both at home and overseas.

We'll also help Ghanaian businesses to develop, and will introduce a new multi million dollar fund to provide investment to small and medium sized businesses.


The GGP is committed to creating jobs across Ghana and will continue to push for the devolution of powers to all the Regions of Ghana over job creation, taxation, welfare and wages to allow us to make policies best suited to Ghana’s labour market.


The GGP will appoint a Minister for Youth Employment and will make youth and women’s employment a priority. Substantial support will be offered to young people through Modern Apprenticeships schemes and a dedicated Employability Fund. These measures will help us to work towards our ambition to reduce youth unemployment by a significant percentage.


To help achieve our goal of a fairer and a more sustainable economy we’ll encourage businesses to pay a decent and fairer Wage. We’ll make a Pledge - The Ghanaian Business Pledge, which will also demonstrates our desire to encourage businesses to invest in young people, progress diversity and pay a decent and fairer Wage.

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