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A Better Protected Ghana

The GGP pledges to spend at least 5% of GDP on defence and security. We believe that the country has a responsibility to sustain our fine Armed Forces and other security services so that they can defend our territories and our interests around the globe


We promise to maintain the overall size of the Armed Forces with an Army capable of defending our land and interests


We also promise to expand the Police and Prison services to help fight crime. We believe that crime has no place in any progressive and modern country.

We’ll invest in new military, police and prison personnel, facilities and equipment over the next 10 years to help equip and resource our servicemen to efficiently do their jobs.

We pledge to ensure that the skills and qualifications gained in service by our security services are recognised by civilian employers to help in any transitions should that arise.

The party further promises to continue to provide strong support to an international order in which rules govern state conduct. We’ll deploy soldiers in support of UN resolutions and mandates as we've always done.



Building a Better Ghana

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