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A Fairer Ghana

Our vision is to build a fairer Ghana where everyone feels valued and we properly support the hardworking and our most vulnerable people.

The decent and hardworking households in Ghana are being hit the hardest by virtually a non existent public spending by our present and past governments.


This has to change. The barriers to opportunity standing in the way of people - whether as a result of background, income, geography, gender, or disability – have to be broken down. By promoting fairness as a way to reduce inequality, we can also allow Ghana to become prosperous and fiscally sustainable.


With the GGP in government we’ll use all the powers at our disposal to mitigate lack of any socio-economic and welfare structure handed down from past badly run governments, to tackle the scourge of the widespread poverty and to give our children and youth the best start in life.


By investing more in public primary schools, we will give more children equal opportunities to thrive and realise their potential.


By promoting a fair and decent wage and the principles of Fair Work, we can ensure that work pays and individuals are valued and criminality is no longer tolerated in our society.


However there is more we can and want to do to make genuine and long lasting changes to the challenges that have continued to blight Ghana.

The increasing levels of poverty and inequality are a clear sign that the economic and social policies of the our Government are failing us. The GGP can and would make things better.

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